Sentry Systems Product Comparison
  • Simple To Install
  • Accessible for Servicing
  • Heavy Steel Constructed
  • Telescoping and fits the grade
  • Concrete foundation below grade
  • Powder Coated with Zinc Base
  • Secure Locking System
  • Visually Aesthetic
  • No concrete to finish
  • No resale value to thieves
  • Available in Stainless Steel


Sentry Systems Product Comparison
  • Secure Only When Locked (over 50% left unlocked)
  • Costs much more
  • Costly Future Maintenance
  • Requires Unlocking for Testing and Maintenance
  • Worth More To Thieves Than Backflow Units
  • Unappealing In Landscaping
  • Much More Difficult to Install
  • Difficult to Camouflage In Landscaping
  • Requires Concrete Finished Slab or Special Base